How to Beat Fengxi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Shown Here

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Like Zhuyan before it, Fengxi is a rather simple boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is really a relatively simple boss to face because it just has a limited number of movements and telegraphs all of its attacks extremely well. You shouldn’t have too much issue with it after you figure out Fengxi’s attack patterns.

Fengxi loves to charge about as the fight starts, and you may utilise this to your advantage, as Zhao Yun said. Not only is this relatively simple to parry, but occasionally it will slam into a wall even if you do not divert Fengxi’s charge. If you have Absorb Vitality, this is the time to replenish any HP that may have been lost. Otherwise, you’re welcome to assault it as much as you like now. Keep an eye out for when it rebounds because it seldom goes down for very long.

Fengxi’s morale is at 20. This indicates that if you want to battle on an even playing field, you need have around that many people as well. Yet you don’t have to grind for Morale in order to get ready for Fengxi, unlike all the other bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Morale is to improve your own attack while decreasing the harm each hit. Fengxi is completely defeatable even when you have the lowest Morale, though, if you desire a challenge.

As Fengxi reaches half health, it begins to add new moves to its arsenal. It has various attacks where it jumps or waddles a little before launching itself at you. Another one buckles, sending shockwaves your way that you can deflect. Nonetheless, it’s safest to stay your distance with this one. In addition, Zhao Yun is largely ineffective, just like he was during the Zhuyan combat. Nonetheless, you may undoubtedly utilise him as a meat shield or a kind of decoy.

In a nutshell, Fengxi’s charging strikes and lunging shockwaves are its primary means of doing damage. While merely maintaining a safe distance will stop it from attacking you, you should make an effort to deflect its blows. It moves rather slowly, and a successful parry can quickly empty its Spirit Gauge. You might also position yourself such that it strikes a wall and is knocked out. You should have no issue beating Fengxi if you have it in mind.

On the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is easily accessible.

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